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Manufacturers and materials we use :
Original Coatings LLC works with the best materials on the market. We attend training classes for different materials and systems every year and educating our members for new products and applications. We have great relationships with all manufacturers and local  distributors.
  • Westcoat Specialty Coating Products

  • HP Spartacote Polyaspartic Flooring Systems

  • Polycoat Polymers Products

  • B.A.S.F.

  • SureCrete Design Products

  • Tufflex Polymers

  • Excellent Coatings International

  • Crown Polymers

  • ..... and more

Training we received :

  • Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems Training and Applicator Certification

  • HP Spartacote Polyaspartic Systems Training and Applicator Certification

  • The Decorative Concrete Institute Applicator Training and Certification

  • Polycoat Polymers Applicator Training and Certification

  • SureCrete Design Products Training and Applicator Certification

  • Excellent Coatings International Training and Applicator Certification 

  • Crown Polymers Applicator Training and Certification

  • Tufflex Polymers Applicator Training Certification

  • Miracote Floor and Waterproof Systems Training 

  • 2013 Concrete Decor Show Charlotte, NC

  • Elite Crete Systems Metallic Floor Systems Seminar

  • L&M Construction Chemicals Training and Seminar

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